Saturday, December 18, 2010

The world for richer or poorer

Since I've just finished uni and am free from study for a while, I've taken the opportunity to finally start reading through a pile of books that has been steadily growing over the year. I started writing an entry last week after watching My Sister's Keeper and being intrigued by the questions it gave rise to; what does it mean to be alive, to have rights and be in control of one's physical self? What risk is there in intentionally 'planning' a human genetically in any way? Would these particular people start to represent a new class of human? If humanity, or the planet, should be hit by some sort of epidemic or natural disaster, would it be possible - would we go to such lengths - as to 'create' people capable of surviving such conditions to repopulate the earth afterwards?

So many questions - yet it all still leads to the idea that perhaps people are gambling their luck a little too much.

And today, I finished reading 'I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced'. I highly recommend this book; an inspiring true story that provides a great insight into Yemeni culture and the oppression of women.

It all leads to a simple question for me though (and this is definitely wishful thinking.) As so many people say, you should finish one assignment before moving onto the next. How different would the world be if, instead of delving into every new possible technology we can get our hands on, we take time to ensure the world is operating as it should be before introducing even more pieces to the puzzle.

Let me finish with this:
Pretend that the world had never invented currency; communities existed through bartering, and everyone was able to get what they needed through simple trading of goods and services.
Think of the issues that wouldn't exist (or at least to a much lesser extent) if money wasn't involved.
How does money really effect the world?


  1. Loved your post on 31st october :)

  2. Thanks Sam :) Am enjoying reading your site!